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Richard Robinson

The Afro-Atlantic Music Healing Workshop

Features a mix of West African, Afro-Caribbean and African music from the 19th century to the present. This workshop student will play and hear repertoire from west african string court and blues music, son cubano, reggae, afrobeat, congolese rumba, cumbia, merengue, samba-rock, and boogaloo . Participants will criss-cross the Atlantic Ocean on this musical journey, following the travels of artists, traders, workers, and enslaved peoples who helped create the foundations of popular music through their innovations. Expect to hear both traditional instruments and modern electric ones, accompanied by forceful vocals, mind-boggling percussion, and even some dancing. Open to all students.

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The Sankofa Health & Wellness Program is made possible through the Delaware Division of Public Health's Tobacco Prevention Community Contract. Funding for the contract is provided by the Delaware Health Fund and managed by the American Lung Association in Delaware.

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