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 Arts & Culture, History & Community...in Dover, Delaware

Welcome to Dover's
Inner City Cultural League, Inc.

Founded in 1971 by Dover City 
Councilman Reuben Salters, the Inner City Cultural League fulfills a need in the Central Delaware Community which was previously unmet.


The League introduced programs which enhance understanding of the arts and culture among Dover's inner city citizens - especially the youth.



Our purpose is to create an awareness of how arts and culture benefit the development of youth and their families in our community.

ICCL, Inc. is a highly valuable organization to the community.  It offers increased accessibility and exposure to the fine arts, as well as educational enrichment. In addition to placing great emphasis on advancement in education through participation in the arts, the Inner City Cultural League, Inc. also seeks to build a network of interconnected community agencies.  Our goal is to enable local youth and their families to realize a higher level of learning and personal achievement.

For dates, times and locations of our cultural workshops, presentations, and  Sankofa African Dance Company's scheduled performances, 
please visit our calendar 

You'll find fascinating activities  to participate in, people  to meet, and  places to visit.  You'll also find opportunities to make your own contribution to the cultural complexity of our city.



The New ICCL Community Center is underway...

The new facility will provide a variety of work and study
- as well as a clean, safe environment for ALL who
cultural and educational enrichment.

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Your contribution TODAY will help ICCL continue to provide our valuable programs and services in the new facility - a clean, safe environment for learning and cultural enrichment.
The "Positively Dover" Festival is an African American festival; a signature event held at Legislative Mall on the Capital Complex in Downtown Dover. This event is an excellent meeting place for people of all ethnic backgrounds to exchange cultural and artistic experiences...
 Save The Date for the 2015 POSITIVELY DOVER FESTIVAL  

MLK National Holiday | Black History Programs 

                                        Monday, January 19, 2015


An inspirational event is sponsored by Delaware State University, and the Inner City Cultural League, Inc. It is held annually on the third Monday in January.

KWANZAA Program                                                                

             Kwanzaa 2015 - A Celebration of Family


              Join the Kwanzaa Celebration - December 27, 2014 6:00pm           
              Where:  ICCL, 54 South Kirkwood Street, Dover DE 19904

The Sankofa African Dance Company 

Energetic and exciting, the Sankofa African Dance Company is comprised of talented and creative youth from Inner City Dover, Delaware and throughout the Central Delaware Area.  Dedicated to dance and percussion arts, this company studies under some of the finest dance teachers, choreographers and percussion artists in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware...  

 Accessing A Crime-and-Drug-FREE Environment 

This extended Summer Program serves youth ages 8 to 18, during an eight week period during which they are taught "COPING SKILLS; THE ABILITY TO RESIST THE TEMPTATIONS OF DRUGS, CRIME, AND STREET VIOLENCE"...

 Theater Arts Program 
 Elementary Arts Instruction 

Beginning & Advanced Music Programs (Band and Guitar Lessons); Elementary Arts Classes

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