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 Inner City Cultural League, Inc. - PROGRAMS     

“EDUCATIONAL ADVANCEMENT THROUGH THE ARTS”                                                                                                                  
 A R T S   &   C U L T U R E 

  • SANKOFA Dance Company • 

Sankofa African Dance Company was founded in 1995 by Dover City Councilman Reuben Salters.  Energetic and exciting, Sankofa is comprised of a talented, creative selection of young people from Inner City Dover, Delaware and throughout the Central Delaware Area.  Dedicated to dance and percussion arts, this youthful company studies under some of the 
finest dance teachers, choreographers and percussion artists in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. 

Steeped in the Guinea Tradition and the West African model of drum and dance, the Company was compelled to visit West Africa and get first hand percussion and dance knowledge from those we emulate.  Not satisfied with great teachers, Sankofa has traveled to Senegal, West Africa and The Gambia to perfect the dance and drumming skills that are rehearsed relentlessly  - by members and a dedicated staff of professionals and volunteers.  These student/artists have made Sankofa one of Delaware’s most sought after performing arts groups. Sankofa presents more than 30 performances annually, and has performed for such important events as the annual Martin Luther King National Holiday Program, the Governor’s Inauguration, Delaware’s “Positively Dover” African American Festival, and Princeton University's International Graduation Ceremonies.  They also perform in public schools, libraries, parks, museums, churches and a variety of public venues. 

Meeting for six hours per week to rehearse, Sankofa welcomes new participants from ages eight to eighteen years old that are willing to dedicate themselves to learning the art of African dancing and drumming.   African history and culture are integral parts of our lecture series designed to increase awareness of African and African American contributions to world culture.

 The African American Festival 
  "Positively Dover"  

The African American Festival “Positively Dover”, is a signature event for the City of Dover and the State of Delaware.  It is held annually on the fourth Saturday in June.  To find out more about this wonderful cultural event visit our Festival Page. >

 M L K   |   B L A C K   H I S T O R Y 
 P R O G R A M 

  Martin Luther King   
 National Holiday Program  


Dover, DE 19901

This inspirational event is sponsored by Delaware State University, and the Inner City Cultural League, Inc. It is held annually on the third Monday in January. The celebration begins at NOON, and is consistently  attended by high ranking government and community leaders, politicians and an overflow crowd of attendees. National office holders, civil rights leaders and community supporters also attend this well planned event. 

A special portion of the program is performed by community youth and is entitled “A Tribute To Martin.” The commemorative speakers come from a list of well known national and regional personalities. A public reception, open to all, follows the program. While honoring the birthday and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, the celebration of this holiday, with a title , "REMEMBER! ACT! CELEBRATE! A DAY ON-NOT A DAY OFF", also serves to remind all citizens that the “Struggle Continues” to insure equality of opportunity for all people worldwide.

 K W A N Z A A  |  B L A C K   H I S T O R Y 
 P R O G R A M 

A R T S   &   C U L T U R E 

 Elementary Arts Instruction 

Professional art instruction is available on a weekly basis.  Our program is designed to enhance visual arts education for  inner city community youth.
Initial research indicates that at an early age, people have an appreciation for music and art. The Inner City Cultural League, Inc. provides opportunities for young people ages 5 to 21 to explore their innate creativity and artistic skills.


 C O M M U N I T Y   P R O G R A M S 

  Accessing a Crime-Drug-and-  
  Disease-Free Environment




Serving youth 8 to 18 years old, this is an extended Summer Program that covers an eight week period. The program is held bi-weekly and is measured by a pre-test and a post-test. Anti-Drug counselors, police, Social Service agencies, schools, churches, recreational programs and other agencies, collaborate to provide community youth with professional training and teaching.  The program is also offered to the participants of  our in-house programs each month.  

The Inner City Cultural League, Inc. provides administrative and logistical support to this program and is supported in turn by the Dover Police Department, the State Office of Prevention and Early intervention and the Dover’s Delaware Caring Community Coalition. Pre- and post- tests measure the effectiveness of this program. 

Schedules are announced in local media at the end of the school year and during the program. 

For Information CALL: 302-883 -2180

What's on the schedule this month?  Stay up-to-date with activities by checking the calendar.

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