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Building a stronger, safer, healthier future for our community means that...WE MUST Build a Drug-free, Crime-free, and Disease-free ENVIRONMENT for youth and their families.

Reuben Salters

Since 1971, the ICCL has provided a home for the aspirations of inner city youth and their families.  Beginning as an athletic program, the League later expanded its focus to include the arts.  This change gave the League a broader impact and the ability to address the needs of these local citizens.  Since its inception more than 500 young people have attended programs that have trained dancers, drummers, actors, and scholars.  The combined programs of the League reach more than 30,000 people annually.
The mission of ICCL is to provide information about the arts and cultures of America and Africa to the greater Dover community and beyond.  A fundamental feature of this mission is to improve the lives of young people ages 6 through 18 by igniting their creative potential and awareness through the visual and performing arts, including the arts of Africa.

Our purpose is to prepare those young people and their families for community service through active participation in artistic and cultural activities.

Our work has already begun:






    The new cultural center is NOW OPEN !!

Please help us continue OUR MISSION.

Your contribution TODAY will help ICCL continue to provide our valuable programs and services in the new facility - a clean, safe environment for learning and cultural enrichment.

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s a n i c a a f @ c o m c a s t . n e t
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